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On July 21, 1992, a small local business opened it's doors to the public in Warsaw, Indiana. The business was called Chimp's Comix, and it was owned and managed by one man, Tony Clay. The business was open seven days a week and carried many items the collecting public would enjoy. These items included comic books (new and back issues), sports cards, Magic the Gathering singles and packs, and occasionally, action figures.

Around this time, Image comics had started and every fan was collecting #1 issues and alternate covers of almost any title they published. People then started doing the same thing when DC and Marvel followed the trend. Comics were being published at a much higher quantity. None of the new collectors realized that because of the higher quantity that hardly any of their new collection would go up in value.

Tony realized that business was improving and took under his wing a volunteer worker, Nick Kelley. Nick helped Tony restock and run the business. Business continued to grow so much that after the first year, they moved to a bigger location that was about twice the size of the old store. They started holding Magic the Gathering tournaments shortly thereafter.

Eventually, the new collectors realized that their collection wasn't really gaining any value and they started dropping like flies. It reduced the business' customer base back down to the ones who enjoyed comics for reading and not monetary value.

On March 2, 1998, the store was sold to a new owner. At the young age of 19, the new owner was Nick Kelley. Nick had been around comics since the age of 7, and having worked the store for so long, he had acquired a huge database of comic book knowledge. After having helped out Tony since nearly the beginning, he was now the sole owner and employee. Business was just enough to keep the doors open, but Nick wanted to do this as a hobby and wasn't worried about living off of the income.

Well, that hobby paid off. He brought Magic tournaments back to an every 3 to 4 week schedule. He realized that sports cards weren't moving and decided to get out of that and start a used video game area. Now, you could buy, sell, or trade in console video games for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Playstation. The video game trader started off very small, but eventually it did grow. Now, Chimp's offers used games and systems that include Playstation, PS2, X-Box, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Atari 2600, and Sega Genesis.

Action figures were a must to Nick. Being that he collects figures, he felt he might be able to get other people to enjoy doing so. Primarily, Chimp's only sold vintage action figures or action figures that you won't normally find except in comic shops. To this day, we still sell these same types of action figures.

During his first year, he realized that the seven days a week schedule left him no time to have a personal life. That is when he hired his own volunteer employee for desperate times of emergency. This employee was Roy Peachey II. Roy had been reading comics and playing video games for most of his life. He is also a die hard J.R.R. Tolkien fan. Working in fast food management since he was 16, he had also acquired how to provide good customer service. Nick felt that these were important qualities in a co-worker. (For more on Roy check out

Nick had always dreamed of having Chimp's Comix look and feel a certain way to the customer, and he has aspired to do this. Around January 1, 2002, he bought glass display cases to replace the tables with curtains and wooden display cases. As soon as this happened, business grew again.

This made it important that Nick get more help to continue to offer customers what they wanted: friendly, knowledgable and speedy customer service. His next volunteer employee was Ryan (the Handyman) Riggle. Riggle has an encyclopedic knowledge of anything X-Men related. He is also the handyman of Chimp's Comix. Anything we need built, we give him a call.

Deciding that it was time to go online with his business, Nick called in longtime friend and volunteer worker Greg Burkett. Greg and Nick have been friends since 7th grade. Greg has vast computer and internet knowledge as well as Magic the Gathering knowledge. He is our resident computer technician and co-creator of this website. When the computer goes down, he's the man to call.

On February 2, 2002, Nick got married to his lovely wife Kim. From this date forward, Chimp's Comix had two owners and another volunteer worker. Kim helps out with the occasional sorting of product and is sometimes the "go to" person of Chimp's. But, of course, she is more than that.

The newest volunteer employee is Shawn Vance. He has comic book knowledge that rivals Nick's. He also is the man that helps sort the weekly shipment with Nick. This is his one job, and he does it well. When it is time to sort comics either quickly or at a normal pace, he is the man to call.

We here at Chimp's Comix strive to bring you good customer service along with a knowledgeable staff. We have thousands of back issues and the largest inventory of Magic the Gathering singles in the state of Indiana, video games for just about every console, and new and vintage action figures. We can special order items for customers. We will do what it takes to make you leave satisfied with your purchase and experience.

Check out the story of how Chimp's Comix doubled it's size. Over the span of four days Nick and others did the impossible and revamped Chimp's to make it a much bigger place.

Chimp's Comix is located at 919 E. Winona Ave. Ste. 5 in Warsaw, Indiana (click here for a map). Our phone number is (574) 268-2274. Our hours are Monday and Tuesday 4-6 PM, Wednesday thru Friday 4-7 PM, and Saturday 11 AM to 7 PM.

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