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Change of Subscription Policy

Due to the astounding number of customers who have cancelled titles without calling or giving us 2 month notice, we at Chimp's Comix feel we have to adopt a new policy.

Large numbers of customers over the past 13 years have stopped coming in to purchase there comics without giving us notice. And therefore have cost us literally thousands of dollars with books that were supposed to be sold and now have to fill out our back issues possibly never to be sold (special orders especially). A few years back, we had a customer who had ordered numerous specialty books, posters, statues, etc. He had hit a rough time financially and was slowly paying off the $2,000 he owed to Chimp's Comix. When out of the blue, this customer moved out of state, did not get a phone and left no way to track him down. This customer stuck Chimp's Comix with a total of about $1,600 worth of product that to this day, we are still trying to get rid of. Many of his items had to be sold at a fraction of our costs just to regain some of the money he owed us. Also, when a customer does this, it makes other customers who want the issue when it comes out miss the issue.

Example: John Smith subscribes to Wolverine. Chimp's sells out of Wolverine on the day of the shipment. John Doe comes in to by Wolverine and sees that Chimp's is sold out. John Doe finds the Wolverine issue elsewhere. One month later, John Smith still has not come in to pick up his Wolverine issue. Chimp's gives him a courtesy call to remind him that his issue of Wolverine is in, but alas, John Smith is not home and Chimp's leaves him a message. This call repeats itself for a few weeks, and John never calls back or comes in to pick up his comic. Now, if you were John Doe how would you feel knowing there is an issue in stock, but because of John Smith you can’t have it until it is over 1 month old.

With the way the comics industry is, missing one issue can cause mass confusion in the story. Chimp's has tried to have the subscription service on an honor system for 13 years, but it has cost us a lot of money and effort to track down customers who have not come in to buy there comics. To many of you, this policy will not change the way you buy comics or affect you in any way. This policy will only affect the people who order more than they can afford.

We at Chimp's Comix also understand that times can get tough financially. That is why if you can not adhere to this policy of coming in at least once a month, give us a call or stop in to talk about it and we can try to work something out. Otherwise, if you don't come in at least once a month to purchase your comics, your titles will be cancelled until you have cleared out your section of the subscription box and then we will help you fill in the gaps in your collection if you like and start your subscription again.

If you have fallen 1 month behind, Chimp's would also appreciate it if you clear out your subscription comics before buying other issues. Example: If you rent a video and take it back 2 days late, there is usually a late fee. Most rental places will not allow you to rent until you have paid that late fee.

If a comic is on hold for 1 month, Chimp's Comix is able to sell that comic book to another customer or change the price with the most current price guide. If Chimp's changes the price, you are no longer liable to purchase the comic but you still have the option to.

Currently, there are 16 customers who have fallen behind and the average per customer is $50 of comic books. $50 x 16 people = $800 retail value. The comic market is so unpredictable and Chimp's Comix would like to look to the future. If customers keep doing this, Chimp's will likely go out of business from debt. Most of you are very good about keeping up with your subscriptions, but all of these people who have stuck us with comics that we could have sold had we known they had no intention of coming in have cost us dearly.

If we can get control of this situation, Chimp's is optioning to give discounts on new comics for people who come in every week for their subscriptions or preorder through Previews. This policy will go into affect on 01/01/06.

Thank you very much,

Nick Kelley

Chimp’s Comix

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