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This Space For Rent: By Nick Kelley


Welcome to the first issue of "This Space For Rent!" I have had this web page ready to go for some time now, but I just couldn't decide what to cover in my first issue. I wanted to start off with something really cool and enjoyable to read, but alas, this may not be the case.

Some of the ideas I had were:
A review of the Sinestro Corps War
A checklist and review of everything Infinite Crisis
Announcements of future events
A review of Kick-Ass #1
A discussion about all the viral marketing being used for "The Dark Knight"

All of these are great ideas to me, but I unfortunately don't have the kind of time that these would require to do the way that would really want to. Maybe someday I can do them the right way, otherwise, there is a brief summary of the viral marketing below.

So without further ado, I bring you the first issue of "This Space For Rent!" This first issue will be a hodge podge of things I wish to discuss or just plain tell you about.

Guitar Hero:
Yes, I know. This series of games are very addicting. In fact, I have fallen prey to the whole Guitar Hero and Rock Band style of video gaming. It all started back in January when I started taking a prescription pill called Chantix. Chantix is a drug that helps people be able to quit smoking and let me tell you, it does wonders. I was a pack a day smoker for over 10 years and started on Chantix. It has since helped me fight the urge to smoke. Every now and then I would get a craving for a smoke and instead of falling prey to this, I would pick up my "axe" and jam out to Guitar Hero II or III. This would help me forget that I wanted a smoke at all!

This worked great! It would kill 5 or 10 minutes like I needed and I was able to fight the urge. Next week, I go off of Chantix and start trying on my own, but never fear, I have been smoke free for almost 60 days and intend on staying this way. Rock on Guitar Hero! Maybe I should email Activision my story and I can become the next "Jared" only for quitting smoking while playing video games instead of eating subs!

Kick-Ass #1:
For those of you who don't know yet, Kick-Ass is a mini-series written by Mark Millar and pencilled by John Romita Jr. It stars a teenage kid who lives in the real world like us and wonders why he has not heard of anyone donning a real life superhero identity. Therefore, he decides to do it!

This book definately has Mark Millar's flair to it and it does in fact Kick-Ass! What makes issue #1 kick even more ass is that if you rear Mark's letter pages in the back, you will find a store listing for Chimp's Comix! So hurry out a copy of issue #1!

Batman R.I.P.
DC Comics, please don't be insane and kill off Bruce Wayne! This would be a horrible idea! No one can take the place of Bruce as Batman. NO ONE!!!! No one is as borderline insane as Bruce. I hope DC realizes that if they kill him, bringing him back could only make things worse. Does anyone besides me remember the JLA story are "The Tower of Babel" written by Mark Waid? In this story, Ra's al Ghul offers to revive Bruce's parents in a Lazarus Pit if only he join Ra's side. Bruce obviously turns this down, but even though he wants to see his parents alive again, he knows that this is morally wrong. Once someone has passed, it is wrong to bring them back by any means other than in your memories, thoughts and conversations. (This image scares me too much in how it looks a lot like the "A Death In The Family" TPB cover.)

Bringing Bruce back from the dead would permanently change this character. Things would never be the same.

The Dark Knight:
I personally can NOT wait until this movie opens! For those of you who have not been following the viral marketing, here is a little bit of what they have done so far:

At the SDCC, they had dollar bills with George Washington's face covered in Joker makeup. This dollar bill had the website on it and if you followed the instructions posted there, you would get your face painted in Joker makeup.

At Wizard World Chicago, they secretly (since it was a last minute announcement and I missed it) held a Q&A with members of the cast and premiered the 7 minute trailer that has appeared in IMAX since then.

They have held held campaign drives for Harvey Dent for District Attorney. You could meet up with a "Dentmobile" and receive T-Shirts, buttons and flyers to show your support for Harvey Dent. You can find out more on this at

The Gotham Times (a local Gotham newspaper) has a website you can view the current newspaper at. It is located at If you took part in special events, you would even be mailed an actual hard copy of the newspaper!

The Joker even has his very own version of the newspaper up at

The latest piece that we are all hoping will reveal a new trailer all started at This would lead you on a hunt to find a bowling ball bag. Inside the bag was a bowling ball with a phone number etched into it and a phone. If you called the number, it would state that your identity was confirmed and to await further instructions.

Other viral webpages to make not of: (You could have received a Harvey Dent campaign button with the left side of his face burnt off from them, I still don't know how.)

That is all for this installment of "This Space For Rent". Check us out later and hopefully it will be new then too!

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